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Companies that need Android app development services trust their Android App to Big Fish!


Big Fish is a B2B custom Android app developer in Tampa, Florida. We design and develop custom Android apps for established, successful companies.


Our clients need a custom app developed, but do not have in-house Android developers, so they hire us to design and develop their app. We are a professional, quality-minded company; all of our Android developers have at least five years of experience developing Android apps.


Interested in more information? Every custom Android app we develop starts with a no-obligation conversation with our team. Request a call with our team here.


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Android Version Support


The Big Fish team can develop Android apps that support versions all the way back to Android 4.4. That said, the decision to support older versions of Android should not be made without considering the cost versus benefits of developing an app that supports old phones, and old software.


Early in the initial design and planning phase of your Android app development project, we’ll discuss your user base, needed features and budget. We’ll use these factors to decide what versions of Android your app should support.


We generally recommend supporting back to Android 5, but in some cases we may recommend supporting Android 4.4 as well. If you’re curious about how many people are actually still using older versions of Android, the Android developer website publishes the numbers and updates them biweekly.


Android App Development for Smartphones and Tablets


Another decision to make when planning and designing your Android app is whether it will support only Android smartphones, or phones AND tablets, or just tablets.


We’ll guide you in making this decision by asking questions about who will be using your app, what type of Android device we know or expect them to use, and where and how they will use it.


Developing an Android app that supports tablets, as well as smartphones, involves additional time spent modifying the design for each device type. And, of course, additional time testing on both smartphones AND tablets.


Once you decide that you need to support Android tablets (meaning: the app will run on tablets), the next question is whether your app will have a separate design for tablet users.


For the most part, an Android app designed to look good on the smaller screen of a smartphone will just expand to fit the larger screen of a tablet. This creates a lot of white space in the tablet version and doesn’t look great.


But, it could be “good enough” if you’re not expecting a high enough number of tablet users to justify the extra costs of creating a separate “designed for tablets” look.


On the other hand, some apps do specifically target tablet users, and in that case, should absolutely be designed with a tablet-first approach.


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Our team of experienced Android app developers are ready to help your company bring your next Android application to life. We start with a no-obligation call to see if it’s a good fit. We’ll also explain our app development process and answer some of your most important questions. If you’re with an established company please contact us here.


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