Our App Development Process

What to Expect When You Hire Big Fish

The Big Fish app design and development process will get version one in your users’ hands faster than traditional methods that often involve months of planning.


We plan just enough; but not so much that you lose freedom to be flexible over time.


Read on to learn about the 5-step process we take to get your mobile application from vision to reality.

Step 1: Discover

Discovery is a collaborative conversation with our team, your team and (ideally) real users. Or at the very least, someone at your company who represents and understands the users.


We start by empathizing with the people who will be using your  mobile application. What are their needs, wants and current pain points? What are the benefits of using your mobile application? What features will it have? What should people think and feel when they use it?


We have a variety of interactive exercises to get everyone’s creative juices flowing and pull out these answers.

Step 2: Design

Now that we are all clear on what we are developing, our designer will create a visual mock-up of your application.


We start with wireframes. Think of wireframes like the blueprint of a house, illustrating where things go and how to get to them. They are not a final representation of the design, but a sketched prototype.


Next, we take those black and white wireframes and add color, detail and graphics. Visually, things now look like a real application. We are almost ready to start adding code.


Your team will have a chance to review the designs, share feedback, and we’ll adjust as needed.

Step 3: Develop

Depending on the complexity of your application, development could take anywhere from 4 to 10 weeks.


We don’t recommend spending any longer developing features before providing your initial beta users with a live version to try.


Our team has been busy testing the application throughout the development phase. Before launch, your team will receive a copy to try for a week or two, so you can ensure it works as anticipated.


Any issues will be addressed before launch.

Step 3: Deploy

Each project has its own unique list of to-dos when we deploy and launch.

Our team takes care of all the details, including server set up, integrations, and will get your application submitted to the app stores if applicable.

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