Always Ask Your App Developer This Question!

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Always Ask Your App Developer This Question

Always Ask Your App Developer This Question!

I won’t make you scroll to the bottom for the answer. Here is the question you should always ask when vetting agency partners:

How would you change our vision of the app?

Ah yes, unless you prefer to hire an order-taker, this should be one of your new favorite questions to ask when interviewing app developers.

For one thing, it assures the agency that you welcome feedback; it also assures your team that you’re hiring someone capable of thinking outside a defined box, and solving problems.

Isn’t this why you’re hiring an expert in the first place…to bring solutions, ideas and mobile app development expertise to the table?

You are probably an expert at explaining the business goals or challenges that have you wanting a mobile solution.  Discuss this business case with the agency you are considering hiring, give your organization’s rough idea of what you think you need – then ask the million dollar question.

How would you change our vision of the app?

At this point we are still early in the game and you haven’t been through a detailed discovery, so don’t expect the world. What you should expect is a few insights, “have you thought about”s, and new ways of looking at the possibilities.

And if they don’t have independent thoughts to contribute…

It could indicate that have an ‘order-taker’ personality, they might be a junior account manager at a large development house, they could be new, lacking confidence, taken off guard.

In any case, take their response as a hint of what’s to come.

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