Reality Check: Your Customers Don’t Want to “Do It”

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Reality Check: Your Customers Don't Want to "Do It"

Reality Check: Your Customers Don’t Want to “Do It”

We’ve entered new times and there’s no going back.

This is your reality check.

Your customers don’t want to “do it” anymore, and the more you insist, the more you’re alienating them.

They DON’T want to:

  • call you
  • talk to someone
  • wait on hold
  • stand in your line
  • talk to your sales person
  • fill out paper work
  • mail stuff
  • take time out of their day

They WANT to:

  • do it when it’s convenient for THEM
  • do it after midnight
  • do it without small talk
  • do it faster
  • do it safely
  • do it easier
  • do it while waiting in line at the grocery store

No excuses.

Organizations must make software more than just a part of their business. It must become their business. They need to evolve from simply having an application to an emphasis on providing customers with a phenomenal experience. - CA Technologies

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