iOS App Development

Successful, established companies that need custom iOS app development services hire Big Fish.


Our team of experienced iOS designers and developers create custom iPhone and iPad apps for our clients. When you choose to have your iOS app custom-developed, you get exactly what you need, with no compromises. Because of this, companies hire us when a generic, one-size-fits-all, solution won’t do.


If you want your iOS app to meet your goals it must be well thought-out, designed with your users in mind, developed by experienced iOS developers and tested rigorously.


At Big Fish, we confidently provide iOS app development services. It’s part of our core expertise as app developers, not just one of many different services we offer. Our iOS developers all have at least 5 years of experience developing iOS apps. As a result, you’ll appreciate the input our experienced team brings to the table because of their years of experience.


Here are some of the many ways your company can use a custom iOS app to do what you do best, better:

  1. Take advantage of the GPS capabilities on the iPhone and iPad to track your field team as they complete jobs throughout the day.
  2. Get more done, in less time, by taking and instantly uploading photos to your cloud-based servers.
  3. Reduce paper. Let customers sign the screen on your technician’s iPad or iPhone with their finger.
  4. Use WiFi or Bluetooth to let users of your app connect to your custom-built machinery and download data.
  5. Go paperless with a custom iOS app that enables your field team to view and complete work orders on their iPad.
  6. Use a custom iOS app to provide your customers with a convenient way to access their account information and/or book appointments.
  7. Reduce calls to dispatch (and your FTEs) by giving your field team access to the information they need, from wherever they are.
  8. A custom iOS app can enable huge groups of people, customers, contractors or employees to do what they need faster..
  9. A custom-developed iOS app improves cross-department communication. By enabling information sharing from and to the field, your team is kept in the loop, no matter where they are.
  10. A custom iOS app lets you track time on job sites and ensure your customer-billing is accurate. When your field team uses an app to track their work you won’t miss out on revenue opportunities.


Is your company considering using our iOS app development services? Wondering if a custom iOS app is the right fit? If so, please reach out to request a call with our team. We’ll get more information, explain our unique app development process, and answer your most important questions.

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