Rapid Prototyping

Idea to Clickable Mobile App
Prototype in Less Than 3 Weeks

Starting with a prototype allows companies developing custom apps to solicit stakeholder and user feedback early in the process. This saves time and money in the long run. Keep reading to learn more.

Mobile App Prototype Demo MeetingImagine if you had a life-like, clickable demo of your mobile app concept that your team could show executives, customers, users and investors.

Imagine if your sales team could take that mobile app prototype into meetings, events and trade shows – creating excitement before you launch.

Imagine if you could show the prototype to real users, get their feedback and take that feedback to your development team, all before spending a single dollar writing code.

With our Rapid Prototyping service we’ll take you from idea to prototype in just 3 weeks.


Rapid Prototyping is a great fit if you need:

  • Proof of concept in order to get budget approval for the full project
  • Advance sales from customers while your development team works on the full build-out
  • A faster and less costly way to show a sample of your product
  • A demo to use at trade shows to gather input and create excitement
  • A way to show your concept to customers, and solicit feedback before investing in full development

Our Rapid Prototyping service makes this possible… and we do it fast because we know you want it quickly. We’ll guide you through the process of idea to completed prototype in just three weeks!

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Why You’ll Love Our Rapid Prototyping Service

Still unsure if rapid prototyping is right for you? We recommend it if any of the following statements sound like you and your team:

  • You already have a concept in mind that you want to prototype
  • You need help determining the most important features or how the user will experience your app
  • You need your proof of concept to look like a real app and operate on a real smartphone or tablet
  • You need your prototype now and don’t have months to spend talking about it
  • You know your team’s strengths and designing a life-like mobile app prototype is not one of them
  • You’d like to work with a team that can also develop the whole app when you’re ready, creating consistency

How it Works

Here’s a week-by-week break down of our 3-week Rapid Prototyping Process

Start by requesting a free consultation with our team. This helps us get to know each other, learn more about your needs and ensure that Rapid Prototyping is a good fit.

Once you’re ready to move forward we’ll send over our contract and invoice. Between payment and getting started there is usually a one to two week wait.


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Week 1


Creating your prototype kicks off with discovery. Expect to spend 4 hours collaborating with our team on the first day; it’s less time intensive after that.

Mobile Prototype WireframesTogether we’ll define and decide on:

  • Business goals for the prototype
  • User profiles
  • Your unique value proposition
  • What features to showcase in the prototype

Design Begins

Our team will turn all these ideas into your initial black and white screen designs, which we often refer to as wireframes.

We start with black and white to keep everyone focused on the flow and functionality of your mobile app, which makes it easier to spot usability issues early on.

Review At the end of the first week we’ll schedule a call to review and take feedback on the initial designs.

Clickable App Prototype (from wireframes)
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Week 2

Initial Prototype Review

After making the changes we discussed, we’ll create a clickable prototype out of the black and white screen designs. You’ll have one more chance to make changes to features and flow before we move to the next stage.

Next: Full Color Design

This is when the design and prototype really comes to life. Our team will add full color and branding to the original black and white designs.

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Week 3

Full Color Clickable Mobile App PrototypeFull Color Design

This week we’ll review your mobile app prototype in full color and get feedback from your team. At this point in the schedule there isn’t time to add or change features, but feedback on design aspects like colors or imagery is appropriate.

Create Final Prototype for Review

Following our meeting we’ll make one final round of updates to the look of the screens and create your clickable app prototype for your team.

You’ll have a day to review and make sure we’ve applied everything we discussed. There won’t be time to add new features or change the features we already agreed on, but we can set up another engagement for the next version of your prototype.

Wrap it Up Our team will make any needed fixes and by the end of the week you’ll have a beautiful, ready-to-use prototype.

Click Here for a Sample Prototype

Deliverables & Payment

Here’s what you get when the 3-week process is done:

  • Clickable Prototype: consisting of ten full-color screens, hosted for no charge by InVision App
  • Marketing and Sales Material: we’ll give you the final, high-resolution image files for each screen in your prototype; these can be used on tradeshow signage, your website or email
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Payment is due upfront, to secure your start date and time in our schedule. We accept payment by ACH, wire or credit card (credit card payments incur a 3.5% service charge)

Note: There is no fee to host the prototype. Your prototype will be hosted by InVision, and they provide a forever free plan for one prototype.

Still not sure?

Read this far and still uncertain?

Check out this detailed explanation of our design process, including examples.

Visit our blog to learn about What is a Mobile App Prototype and How App Prototypes Save You Time and Money.

OR, just request a consultation, and we’ll answer your questions directly.