Kelly | Project Coordinator at Big Fish

As a Big Fish Project Coordinator, Kelly keeps things running smoothly here for our clients and our team. She’s a go-getter that loves being in charge of anything she can get her hands on and guiding her team through a plan of action to achieve a goal.

Kelly has successfully managed budgets in excess of $1 million and that involve both internal and external stakeholders. She’s an organizer you can count on, and smart as a whip too! She has a track record for being the person you can turn to to make things happen and add improvements while she’s at it.

Kelly is a Certified Scrum Product Owner and has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, which we find a pretty cool combination. Doesn’t every team need someone who can double as a Psychologist?

During down time Kelly enjoys hot yoga, soaking up the sun by the pool or walking her dogs Chips and Liddy. If you think you’re about to be charged by an elephant you’ll want Kelly by your side to keep you both safe. #elephantwhisper