Improve Productivity and Efficiency With a Custom Mobile App

Businesses are always looking to improve productivity and efficiency. By simplifying or removing extra steps and using modern techniques, they enjoy lower costs and higher net income that can be used to:

  1. Invest in company growth and innovation
  2. Create competitive advantages for attracting new business
  3. Report higher profits to shareholders

In many industries, streamlining operations is necessary to remain competitive.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to streamline your operations, a custom mobile app is often a very effective way to achieve your goals.

Here’s why:

1. Eliminate Duplicate and Mundane Tasks for Field Service Employees

If you’ve cobbled together a way for employees in the field to get their work done, you may not notice the impact on their time. Here are three time wasters, and how a custom mobile app eliminates them.

2. Checking in – Do your field teams have to check in or report to dispatch when they reach their work site? With a custom mobile app that uses GPS, the check-in process can be automated. This saves time in the field and time in the office. It also enables you to notify your customer that your field team is on site.

3. Recording on-site data in several places – Photographs of current physical conditions, exact location coordinates, meter readings, technician notes and more must all be recorded with precision.

Having to collect and/or store them in several places requires an extra step. Either the field tech, or someone in the office, must consolidate all the information for each site into one report.

A custom mobile app does this automatically, which saves the time of creating new reports. There is no need to risk information-transfer errors, or even return to the office to drop off paper forms.

4. Requiring field teams to start their day at the office -A custom mobile app puts field service employees in the field right away. Assignments are communicated via the app, so field employees don’t need to come into the office at all.

How will you know when they’ve started work? Using GPS capabilities in their smartphone, the app reports to the office the exact location of every field tech.

With increased efficiency comes productivity, and your field teams will be able handle more work in the same time. You are now able to serve more businesses without having to increase headcount.

One Big Fish field service client reports an increase in field team productivity of 45 percent since implementing their custom mobile app.

What could your business do with that newly reclaimed time?

5. Improve Customer Experience

Today, customer experience is one of the few ways companies differentiate themselves from their competition. Streamlining operations often goes hand-in-hand with improving the customer experience.

Instead of making customers call or email your customer service team to find out the status of their orders, give them the ability to check the status via a mobile app. Or better yet, let them opt-in to receive push notifications.

A dental lab with customers all over the United States called on Big Fish to design and develop such an app. Now, the dental offices they serve access status updates, order information, alerts, photos and more instantly. They no longer need to call the lab for updates.

Think about the impact this would have on your customer support costs and efficiency.

Your customers will also be pleased because you’ve made it more convenient to get the information they need.

6. Replace Logistics Guesswork With Real-Time Data

Whether your fleet of vehicles and drivers serves a limited region, or the entire country, a custom mobile app streamlines logistics and improves user experience substantially by allowing you to:

  • Know where every driver/vehicle is at any given time
  • Monitor the flow of goods
  • Provide instant updates to drivers in the field

Drivers use a custom app to pull up details about their jobs and daily route, saving them the time of having to call in for updates.

Big Fish created an app like this for a logistics company that uses it every day for their hundreds of vehicles and drivers across the country.

How Can Your Operations Be Streamlined?

Every business has its own reasons for wanting to improve productivity and efficiency. Here are three of the most common.

  1. Lower costs
  2. Use cost savings to fund growth and innovation.
  3. Create a competitive advantage that attracts new business

What reasons are most compelling for your business?

If your company is wondering how a custom mobile app can streamline your operations, contact Big Fish today. Let’s discuss the ways we can make your business more productive and efficient.

Sara @ Big Fish

Sara @ Big Fish

Sara MacQueen is the Founder and President at Big Fish - an app design, development and consulting studio in Tampa, Florida. She was named one of "25 Mobile Women to Watch" and has been interviewed by local and national media for her expertise in mobile technology and business.
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