A Love Letter to Our Dream Client

Dear Dream Client,

We’re so glad you found us.

We’ve been brought together by a mutual passion for problem solving, and we can’t wait to become your partner in tackling that big-picture issue at your business, the one you know modern technology can solve.

You want to do something different in your industry. You see that it’s out of touch with technology, and you want to change that. You have a vision. You see the big picture. But you need help getting there.

This is exciting! Yes, we are technical experts – we know mobile app development frontward and backward, but it isn’t the new, latest gaming app that we think about all the time. It’s how to use our skills to make a difference, to make an impact. You know where your business could be more efficient, we know how to create the tools to get you there.

You are the innovator; we want to be your facilitators.

We have a long record of clients who trust us and know we are making decisions based on their needs and creating a quality product. We’re committed to treating you the same. Being dependable and genuine really is at the core of who we are. We don’t outsource our work abroad. We focus solely on mobile app development and aren’t distracted by other projects like marketing and website development. The quality of our work truly matters to us.

If a previous development relationship left you burned, we want to help you get past that baggage.

We won’t take unnecessary risks with your app, your dream or your deadline. We don’t use new, buggy technology just because it’s the latest trend in the development world. It might be faster or cheaper in the short term, but it’s more likely to fail. Our passion is for the proven – the tried and true that you can count on to achieve your goals.

Even if you move on, the app we created together can continue to grow and improve because we give you the source code we write for you. It’s one way we show that we care.

And we’re ready to create something beautiful for you. Yes, it’s the performance, the heart of a product, and its goals and character that really matter. But let’s not kid ourselves, being attractive helps. What we’ll create for you will not only get the job done, but it will look great. You deserve both function and form. Don’t settle for something that works but looks outdated. You can do better, or rather, we can do better for you.

You probably found us through our website and have already read some of our blog posts about mobile app development or read some of our case studies. We love that you took an interest and already know something about how we work and what we value. It shows how serious you are and it will make our relationship progress so much smoother.

Just like any relationship, the first few months will be the most intense. Don’t worry, we won’t smother you. There will be a lot of conversations at first, but we’ll make it as easy as possible for you. We recognize that we aren’t the only thing going on in your business, and we don’t want to be. You are active, agile and you keep your business moving. We love that about you.

We’re in this thing for the long haul. We won’t leave once we’ve created something great for you. We’ll be there to fix issues if they popup and put the everyday work in to maintain your software. But what we really want is a relationship with you where we can continue to make sure your app improves for years to come.

If this sounds good to you, we hope you’ll make the first move and reach out. If it feels like it’s meant to be, we can’t wait to get started.


Big Fish



Team Big Fish

Team Big Fish

At Big Fish we help healthcare companies innovate through secure, custom mobile app design and development. Please visit the Let's Talk page if you’d like more information about hiring our team.
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