Most Popular Mobile Phones in the United States, 2014

Curious about the latest trends in mobile phone brands? Read on for a feast of stats!

As has been the case for many years, Apple and Google (Android) continue to dominate the smartphone market in the US.

What should be noted is that where Apple’s iOS platform is found only on the iPhone, the Google Android platform is found on many phone brands…some would say this gives Google a leg up on dominating the market for the most popular smartphone platform. And dominate they do.

When it comes to most popular smartphone brand, however, Apple still holds the number one spot in the United States.

According to data released this year by comScore , smartphone usage is up to 67% of the total mobile phone market in the US. Here is what their data said about the most popular mobile phone platforms and brands…

Top Smartphone Platforms in the United States

  • Android: 51.7%
  • Apple: 41.5%
  • Blackberry: 3.1%
  • Microsoft: 3.2%
  • Symbian: 0.2%

Top Smartphone Brands in the United States

  • Apple: 41.6%
  • Samsung: 26.7%
  • LG: 6.9%
  • Motorola: 6.4%
  • HTC: 5.4%

Mobile Phone Sales in American Cities

Retail management software company, iQmetrix examined mobile phone sales data from 15,000 retail stores in North America between December 2013 and May 2014.

Unfortunately, they didn’t break down many of the stats on a per country basis, but their findings do give us a pretty good idea of the most popular mobile platforms and brands across the United States and Canada.

Overall, the top selling phones across the United States and Canada during that period were the iPhone 5s and the Samsung S4. Considering that Samsung didn’t release their S4 until April 2014, that figure say a lot about Samsung’s popularity among American consumers!

Here are some more of their findings:

  • New York City has the highest stronghold on iPhone sales, 61% of NYC shoppers purchased and iPhone.
  • Philadelphia came next in line for Apple with 48%
  • In Spokane, Washington (46.1%) and Seattle (45.5%) Samsung outsold all the other brands
  • Glendale, Arizona had highest percentage of LG sales (33%) out of both countries!
  • Colorado Springs had the highest percentage of Nokia phones purchased, at only 7.2%, which says a lot about the popularity of Nokia if 7% was the highest number

If you’re curious about the most popular mobile phones in Canada, I wrote a blog post about that as well.

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