Case Study

Award-Winning Call Center Provides Mobile App So Clients Have On-the-Go Access to Missed Calls & Messages.

Our Client is an award-winning call center company providing answering services to funeral homes across North America.

About Our Client

It’s not unusual for a grieving parent, spouse, or relative to call a funeral home during the night. Unfortunately, many funeral homes are not staffed after hours with people trained to take calls and answer in the comforting voice of someone who knows exactly what to say and do.

Our client fills that void with a funeral industry focused call center; manned twenty-four hours a day. The center is operated by caring people coached on how to provide needed information, promptly and in a reassuring tone.

For many years the call center provided their funeral home clients with access to their missed calls and messages via a legacy web portal.

In 2011, realizing the massive trend towards smartphone adoption, our client hired developers and launched their initial mobile app. It was the first custom-built mobile application of its kind for the funeral home industry.

The Opportunity

In keeping with the straightforward needs of their clients, the app initially offered a plain interface and features that allowed funeral home employees to check messages, review calls, schedule funeral services and update on-call information while away from the office.

As the capabilities of modern smartphones evolved, they understood that the features and functionality of their mobile app had to advance as well.

The original Android and iOS apps were also experiencing performance issues and bugs that needed to be addressed.

The Solution

The experienced mobile app development team at Big Fish was hired to update and improve the functionality of the mobile apps, without changing the original design their clients were used to.

This work encompassed the mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as extensive updates to the corresponding server-side APIs.

Big Fish fixed bugs that had been plaguing their users, implemented new features and addressed significant security flaws found in the source code.

Real Business Results

Funeral Directors and other funeral home employees now enjoy the freedom that comes from knowing they can have instant access to missed calls, messages, funeral service details and schedules, while on-the-go.

Client Testimonial

“You did a great job. Obviously very knowledgeable about apps and the platforms. Easy to work with, and I appreciate all the guidance you provided me.”

Stericycle Communication Solutions

Dave Hill