Case Study

Recycling App Provides Residents with an Easy Way to Find Nearby Recycling Drop-Off Points.

A regional not-for-profit corporation introduces a recycling app that uses smartphone GPS to provide residents without curbside recycling services, an easy way to quickly find nearby recycling drop off points.

About Our Client

Divert Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit corporation in Nova Scotia, Canada. They manage a network of recycling drop off points (“Enviro-Depots”) throughout their province.

The huge geographic expanse, and low population density of Nova Scotia reduces the areas covered by curbside recycling pick up services.

The region’s municipalities and environmental leaders wanted a way to improve the availability of recycling services to residents and remote businesses.

The Opportunity

Divert Nova Scotia needed to increase awareness and usage of all Enviro-Depot™ facilities. Knowing that residents looking for nearby recycling drop off points would often be on-the-go, the idea of a mobile app was born.

The Solution

Divert Nova Scotia hired Big Fish to create the My Enviro-Depot™ mobile app to help residents, and businesses, without curbside recycling services easily and instantly find recycling drop off locations near them.

Utilizing the GPS capability of smartphones, the My Enviro-Depot™ mobile app finds the user’s location and plots turn-by-turn directions to nearby Enviro-Depots on a map. Users can view other information such as hours, photo, address, phone number and recyclable materials accepted.

The My Enviro-Depot™ app is available for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. The recycling app is ideal for residents who are on the go, have camps and cottages, or have projects at different work sites.

Real Business Results

With the creative expertise of Big Fish, Divert Nova Scotia was able to respond quickly to meet their mission of serving residents, and improving both the environment and economy of Nova Scotia.

The My Enviro-Depot™ app is a key part of the waste diversion solution for municipalities and businesses across Nova Scotia. Assisting them in meeting mandates to reduce environmental waste hazards, and the stress on local resources.

Client Testimonial

“Divert Nova Scotia contracted Big Fish to create a mobile app for a network of Enviro-Depots. The work was completed on time and on budget. My experience with Big Fish was fantastic. They are professional, creative, focused and fun to work with. I have no hesitation recommending Big Fish as a mobile app developer.”

Divert Nova Scotia

Carolyn Pierce