Custom App Development for Marketing Agencies (We’re Your App Department)

Custom App Development for Marketing Agencies


Big Fish works with agencies to develop custom mobile apps under a “white label” agreement that enables the agency to present the app as their own work product.

When we work with an agency, Big Fish becomes the equivalent of their custom mobile app department.

This arrangement maintains the agency’s position as the go-to resource for the client, while Big Fish delivers a custom software solution that the agency, client and Big Fish can be proud of.


What Sets Us Apart From Other App Developers

Big Fish is a boutique app design, development and maintenance studio. Developing and maintaining custom mobile apps for business is our sole focus.

We aren’t looking to become a maker of generic apps that can be sold to multiple companies under different names. We do welcome the opportunity to create software solutions for iOS and Android that solve specific problems and genuinely make a difference for the client.

Each of our developers has at least five years of experience as a software developer. We specialize in business applications and have the expertise needed to develop apps that are part of complex software systems.

See this article for more on what sets us apart from other app developers.


Signs of a Good Fit Between Us and Your Agency

The most important thing is that the agency and Big Fish are a good fit. Three signs of a good fit for Big Fish include:

  1. The purpose of the app is to solve a business problem that will help the client grow or innovate. Examples include apps that:
    • Provide field techs with a single location for recording their photos, notes, readings, etc
    • Enable secure transfer of imaging results from labs to their clients
    • Bring innovative new technology and products to market
  2. This is a business app for an established company. Big Fish does not develop games or social media apps for consumer use
  3. Big Fish is invited to collaborate directly with the client. We are introduced to the client by the agency as their app development team. This is not a “must have,” but it does help the design and development process go more smoothly and produces a better product than if we are held at arm’s length.


How We’ll Work With Your Agency

The client will think of us as the agency’s people doing the app.

Big Fish and the agency will have agreements in place to cover the app’s discovery, design and development. Everything will be clear and written out so there will be no surprises for either party.

Also, Big Fish will sign a non-compete agreement with the agency to ensure that we won’t try to go after your client. As a small firm, we value all our business relationships. We also value an agency’s relationships with their clients and will never try to come between the two.

Our team will continue to work at our place of business. While we are available to attend some face-to-face meetings, our day to day work will not be done on site at your office or at your client’s office.


Sign of a Poor Fit

The most common issue we run into is an agency asking us to scope out, design or price a project for free before hiring us.

Those who do not work in the software development industry often don’t realize what goes into creating a fixed price for a complex, from-scratch, software build.

It requires our software developers and designers dedicating days of time into understanding and clearly defining exactly what our client needs built. There is no comparison here to a WordPress website with a custom branded skin. In that case most or all of the development is already done. (and we don’t do websites btw)

We, and most other experienced custom software development companies here in the United States, charge a consulting fee for this software design service and it usually takes two to three weeks of time. Prior to that we are only able to give very rough and broad ball park estimate

The benefit of this is we eliminate many of the unknowns that come with trying to price out a project that hasn’t been adequately defined first. Not to mention eliminating the risk to your client of us creating the wrong thing. In short, your clients will be much happier with the end result.

If you’re looking for us to price, design or scope out your work for free, your agency is definitely a poor fit.


Our Reseller Program

Agencies that would prefer to simply bring Big Fish to their client and receive a commission as a value-added reseller (VAR) have that option as well.


Getting Started

The first step is for both parties to determine whether your agency and Big Fish are a good fit, either for a white label custom mobile app, or for having your agency become a VAR. Contact Big Fish and let’s talk about it.