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Big Fish is a boutique software design and development studio. We specialize in helping innovative companies bring new software products to life.

With over 30 years of combined experience building healthcare software, our clients trust our team when security and reliability matter most.

Your passion will change the world. Big Fish will help you get there.

we are

Big Fish is a U.S.-based team of technical experts that designs and builds custom software. We rely on our deep expertise and combined years of experience to harness the limitless power of technology and solve complex problems for our clients.

we are not

Big Fish is not a careless mass-producer. We don’t take on projects that we don’t believe in. We aren’t interested in poorly-executed, Band-Aid solutions driven by instant gratification. We aren’t working for the weekend. We aren’t resistant to change.

our team

our approach

1. strategy

Guided by your vision and our experience, we create a plan for what to build first.

2. design

We design beautiful, human-centered software.

3. develop

We work iteratively to build your software product and bring your vision to life.

4. deploy

When the first version is ready we handle the technical details of your launch.

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our software

We meticulously design and build custom software that is dependable, transformative and powerful.

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our services

We specialize in designing and developing mobile applications and the backend software that runs them.

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the name?

People don’t write great American classics about the little fish. They write them for the big ones.

The fish found in the depths, wisened and quick, not easily baited. The one that casts a shadow over schools of smaller fish below it, a respected ruler of the waters. The one worth a lifetime quest.

In the vast ocean of our industry, we consider ourselves and our clients Big Fish.

We work with the visionaries. The ones who think deep and dream big. The ones who can’t be easily reeled in, because their sights are set far beyond the hook and sinker. The ones you won’t find swimming in the shallow waters.

With some luck, you can net a dozen little fish in a day. But it takes strategy, diligence, and passion to find the big fish. And they make the most rewarding catch.

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