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Poorly built software leaves you vulnerable to cyber attacks. Our approach keeps hackers at bay.


Our US -based team of technical experts builds software you can depend on when it matters most.


Software should be beautiful AND easy to use. That’s why we design software with your users in mind.

We’ve Helped Our Clients…

  • Provide in-home visits with healthcare professionals
  • Enable field teams to complete jobs with an app
  • Migrate from legacy software to cloud-based apps

We use our skills, knowledge, and expertise to help business leaders like you harness the limitless power of technology to solve complex problems and achieve your vision.

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We’ll walk you through our process and approach to bringing your vision to life.

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We meticulously design and develop your custom software solution.

Our Process How we manifest your vision

1. Discover

Every project begins with discovery. We facilitate a half-day workshop for your team to discuss your big vision and the challenges and opportunities behind this initiative.

2. Design

Guided by your vision and the opportunities at hand, we design your software. This is a collaborative (and exciting!) process, with opportunity to provide feedback as you see your vision come to life.

3. Develop

After our discovery and design phase, we are ready to start writing code. We provide competent project management so you avoid budget over-runs, and we rigorously test every part of your software.

4. Deploy

The first version of your software is ready to go live. It is dependable, secure and tailored to your unique needs. We stay with you after launch to provide new features and maintenance.

5. Dominate

With custom software, your company will be positioned as a technology-first leader in your industry. You'll have a competitive edge and be better able to serve your customers and employees.

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  • Ron WalserWaste Away

  • Anonymous Client

  • Dave HillStericycle Communication Solutions

your vision realized

Big Fish turns revolutionary ideas into reality through custom software development. We have over 30 years of combined experience developing software solutions for healthcare companies. When your software absolutely must be secure and dependable, you can count on Big Fish. We only take on projects we believe in and we will never waiver on standards of excellence.

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