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Resources for Mobile App Startups in Tampa

Resources for Mobile App Startups in Tampa

As a mobile app development company in Tampa Florida, startups in need of app development advice and services often contact us. We do have a variety of resources we refer startups to when they’re in that early stage of validating an idea, seeking investors or looking for advice.

If you live in the Tampa Bay area you’re lucky to be in such a supportive and vibrant tech community! Here are a few places we suggest you start your journey…

Organizations That Assist App Startups in Tampa & St. Peterburg

There are more organizations than we could list here. Keeping with the theme of this page, the organizations we list below have a specific focus on tech startups.

For example, Tampa Bay Innovation Center and Tampa Bay Wave have both helped a number of very successful mobile app startups go from idea, to funding and launch.

Tampa Bay WaveTampa Bay Innovation Center – many services offered, both paid and unpaid, to help entrepreneurs from concept through exit strategy.

Tampa Bay Wave – coworking and business accelerator program in downtown Tampa. This is a happening spot you should connect with if you’re a tech startup in the Tampa area.

TEC Garage –  features incubator, mentorship and coworking programs for tech startups in St. Petersburg.

Embarc Collective – member startups will move into their offices and get help focused on five areas: coaching for company founders and their teams, an on-site recruiting strategist, introductions to potential customers and prospective investors, help with marketing, and support developing new products.


Networking Events for Mobile App Startups in Tampa

StartUp Exchange St. Petersburg, FLThe Tampa Bay area of Florida has a very active tech and startup meetup community! Attending these events is a great way to make connections and meet people in the startup world. You also might meet your next co-founder or get inspired by someone’s story.

One Million Cups Tampa – Good spot to meet and network with other startups and make connections in the local community.

One Million Cups St. Pete – One Million Cups in St. Pete is a weekly event that is very well attended. Highly recommended if you’re in the St. Petersburg area.

StartUp Exchange – Order a beer and get some (free) advice from local experts on topics important to tech startups. This is a casual event attended by mentor volunteers that rotate each month. Definitely recommended.

Synapse Summit – This conference in Tampa is not to be missed if you’re a serious startup looking for investors or partners. Synapse isn’t specifically startup focused, it’s innovation focused, which means innovative startups have a lot to gain by attending. Go for both days and meet as many exhibitors and attendees as you can.


Advice for Mobile App Startups

Here are some advice articles for mobile app startups that we’ve found around the web. The first one is an especially good guide for anyone with an app idea, it walks you through the steps to take. The second article about raising capital for your app startup is also very informative.

Have a Great Idea for an App? Don’t Build it Yet

How to Raise Capital for Your Mobile App Startup

How to Build an App Startup With No Technical Expertise

Startup Fundraising Advice


How to Find App Developers for Startups in Tampa

Depending on the stage you’re at with your startup, it could be tricky to find app developers.

We advise well-funded startups to hire an experienced app development company. But, earlier on, when you’re a person with a new idea, it’s premature to start calling app development companies. Their services will be priced out of your budget and it’s too soon to hire them anyway.

How Much to Budget for Your Mobile AppPlus, if you’re hoping they may want to develop your app at no charge in exchange for equity, you’re casting your net in the wrong pond.

Start by validating your idea through some of the sources above. Consider getting set up with a business incubator for the support you’ll need. Once you have some capital available it’ll make more sense to start talking to app development companies.

In the mean time, take some time to research how much it costs to develop a mobile app. These articles from our Blog will help:

How Much to Budget for Your Mobile App

What Are the Ongoing Costs of Owning a Custom App


Here’s to your success! ~ Team Big Fish

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