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Why You Might Not Need a Custom App

Why You Might Not Need a Custom App

We might be able to save you some time. There’s a chance that custom app development is not what you need.

At Big Fish we develop custom mobile applications and software, but custom is definitely not the right fit for every situation.

Sometimes what you need is so generic that it already exists. Other times the price points of custom development aren’t feasible. Please keep reading if your company wants to have a custom app developed.

You Might Not Need a Custom App If….

1. Your Budget is Insufficient

First, let’s get the price conversation out of the way. Custom software development is not a small investment, both in initial cost and ongoing maintenance.

If you’re not expecting to invest at least $25,000 over the next year, you’ll be better off putting that money into a new website.

2. Your Needs are Generic or Mass-Market

If your company needs an app to do things that have mass-market appeal, such as a CRM or work order management, chances are someone is already doing it. And if they are, it’s often advisable to license it from them rather than having your own app custom-developed.

An example we’re all familiar with is spreadsheet software. If your employees need it, it wouldn’t be advisable to hire a software development company to build custom spreadsheet software, you’d buy licenses for Microsoft Excel instead.

This is what we mean by generic or mass market. You may not get exactly what you want, but the cost savings outweigh the less than perfect feature fit.

3. Your Needs are Very Simple

If what you need is very simple and you find yourself describing it that way when talking to app developers, it’s probably a better feature to add to your website or scrap all together.

This is in part due to cost, it can be hard to see return on your investment when it comes to really simple applications. Or, there’s a good chance that what you want already exists for free, or a low fee, on the app store.

Custom Apps Makes Sense When…

A custom app is a good fit in cases such as:

  • You’re a SAAS company that has a proprietary web app and needs a native iOS and/or Android app built to integrate with your existing backend.
  • This app will transform your industry in a way that no one else has figured out yet, you have investors and there will be measurable ROI.
  • Your company manufactures a product (such as a medical device) and you need an app enabled product.
  • You’re an investor backed startup whose concept revolves around a mobile app.
  • You’re a brand or company with a large customer base and can justify investing a 6-figure amount in a custom, branded mobile app.

Of course, that list doesn’t cover every possibility.

If you still think custom app development is the right fit, and have some questions, please reach out and request a call with our team. We’d love to discuss your vision and answer some initial questions about our app development process.

Team Big Fish

Team Big Fish

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