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Why You Might Not Need a Custom App

Why You Might Not Need a Custom App

We might be able to save you some time. There’s a chance that custom development is not what you need.

We develop custom mobile applications here at Big Fish, but custom is definitely not the right fit for every situation. Sometimes what you need is so generic that it already exists; other times the price points aren’t feasible. Please read on if you’re considering custom development.

You Might Not Need a Custom App If….

You Can’t Afford It

First, let’s get the budget piece out of the way. Custom software development is not a small investment, both in initial cost and ongoing maintenance. If you’re not expecting to invest at least 10 or 15 grand, you’re barking up the wrong tree. And that’s a low number. (Read more here on How Much to Budget for Your Mobile App)

Your Needs are Generic or Mass-Market

Certain types of apps are generic, and there are companies who have already developed the app and sell access on a subscription basis. Think of Salesforce (CRM).

Because they are selling the same app to many (thousands) of companies they can provide it for much less than you’d pay to have a custom app developed and maintained. You may not get exactly what you want, but the cost savings outweigh the less than perfect feature fit.

Your Needs are Very Simple

Having a custom app developed to do something very simple is probably overkill. And, there’s a good chance it already exists for free, or a low fee, on the app store.

This goes hand in hand with expecting your app to cost $5000. If it’s so rock bottom simple that it could be developed for next to nothing, it’s probably not worth developing.

Custom Makes Sense When…

Sometimes custom is exactly what you need, and a necessity. For example:

  • You’re a SAAS company that has a proprietary web app and needs a native iOS and/or Android app built to integrate with your existing back end.
  • You need an app that will revolutionize your industry, no one else is doing this yet.
  • You need an app to do something(s) very specific that will integrate seamlessly with your existing software, databases or work flows.
  • Your company manufactures a product and you need an app that will integrate with it (think IoT, industrial batteries, machines, etc.)
  • You’re a brand or company with a large customer (or user) base and can justify investing in a custom, branded mobile app. Examples: viewing account info, paying bills, managing client information, making service requests, shopping, etc.

Of course, that list isn’t exhaustive. If you still think custom mobile development is the right fit, and have some questions, please reach out via our contact page and request a call with our team. We’d love to discuss your vision and answer some initial questions about our app development process.

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