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How Much Does Custom App Development Cost in 2023?

If your company is considering having a custom app developed you want to know how much app development costs. Especially if you’ve never hired app developers before.

Here at Big Fish we’ve been developing custom apps for almost 10 years and have a lot of experience with how much it costs to create an app.

So what does app development pricing look like in 2023? Let’s answer that question now.

Basic App or MVP

A basic app has a couple simple features such as displaying information and filling out forms. You won’t see complex features such as a user registration, admin interface or push notifications in a basic app. But you might see simple sign in via a 3rd party provider such as “Sign in with Google”.

Basic apps are sometimes used as version one of a larger software build, or as an MVP (minimal viable product) to demonstrate an idea to prospects or investors.

Basic apps can also be whole and complete on their own – performing critical utility within a simple interface.

Example functionality:

  • Version 1 or MVP
  • Form data sent to email
  • Display information
  • Sign on with Google

An example of a basic app that we developed is the Gulfside Healthcare app. It allows their target market to learn about their services and quickly and easily send a referral.

Price: A basic app can be built for $15,000 or up to $25,000 depending on how many features it has.

Advanced App

An advanced app has limited features, but introduces more advanced functionality or design. It may integrate with a 3rd party API to send information or allow users to log in.

Its cost does not include development of a custom API, databases or admin software suite.

Example functionality:

  • Integrate with 3rd party API
  • Display information
  • Advanced design
  • Fill out forms

A good example of an advanced app that we developed was for a trash collection company within the apartment community space. The app allows their service reps to sign in, log when a job is complete and send a simple report to property managers.

Price: An advanced app will range in price from $25,000 to $35,000.

Moderate App

A moderate app gets into more complex functionality or a larger variety of features than basic apps. It probably requires a more extensive user interface design or might include development of a simple API and database.

For example, a moderate app could allow your customers to sign in, view account information, search your catalogue and send a request to your team. Alternately, if the app is for your employees and not your customers, it could allow them to sign in and view and complete jobs.

Some moderate apps may enable use of the device camera or GPS.

Example functionality:

  • Secure sign-in
  • View account information
  • Product catalogue
  • Fill out forms or complete simple jobs
  • Camera, GPS integration

A good example of a moderate app that we developed for a customer is the dental lab app. It allows the dental lab’s customers to view their orders, check the status and receive critical updates.

By putting this information in the palm of their customers’ hands, the dental lab has happier customers, more repeat business and dramatically cuts down on the need for support staff to field questions by phone.

Price: You can expect to invest $25,000 to $50,000 for a moderately complex app.

Enterprise App

An enterprise app is the typical app that you’re used to seeing in the app store. It features user registration and account management, maybe interacts with device hardware such as the camera or GPS, requires a custom API, has push notifications and so on.

The most advanced enterprise apps are companies like Uber, Amazon and social networking apps. If you dream of being the Door Dash of your industry you are definitely in the six figure price point to get to version one.

Example functionality:

  • Custom API
  • Secure sign-on
  • User registration & account management
  • Camera, GPS integration
  • Fill out forms
  • Admin web portal
  • Push notifications

A good example of a complex enterprise app that we developed was for a healthcare startup and another for a logistics company.

Price: An enterprise app will start around $50,000 and go up from there depending on the number and complexity of features required.

We hope this breakdown helped shed light on how much app development costs in 2023.

If your company needs custom app development, please reach out for a more informed, personalized quote. We’d love to discuss how we’d bring your vision to life and what you can expect to invest.