We Create Mobile Applications That Transform Companies

About Big Fish

You want to be a technology leader in your industry. You want to build a mobile application that improves your employee or customer experience. And, you want the dollars you invest in technology to give you a strong return. We will help you get there.

Big Fish is a full service app design and development company in Tampa Florida. We help innovative organizations create technology that sets them apart in their industry.

Our clients hire us when a one-size-fits-all solution won’t meet their needs. We don’t build generic apps for everyone, we build mobile solutions for your company, and to your unique specifications.

How We Help

Big Fish Sample Apps

We address the growing need for custom mobile applications in companies who provide service in the field. We help:

  • Field service teams view and update work orders while on the go
  • Logistics companies track their fleet and monitor the flow of goods
  • Service companies create a customer experience built for the mobile generation
  • Teams collect data in the field and push it to the cloud in real-time

Do you need to track the location of your field team or enable them to capture photos or notes while on-the-go? Does your team work in a remote location where the Internet isn’t always available? Do you need to get electronic signatures while on the job?

We solve these problems and many more with custom, built-for-you mobile applications.

We Only Build Business Applications

When many people think apps, they think about fun and games. That’s not us. We build custom business apps that solve problems and have real-world impact for the companies and people who use them.

Meet Our Team

With over 100 years of combined experience, you can trust Big Fish when only custom software will do.
Meet some of our passionate thinkers.




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QA Engineer

Start With a Conversation

Every mobile app we develop starts with a conversation. If you’re with an established company, please reach out to request a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’ll provide input and answer your most important questions.

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What We Do

App Design & Prototyping

We design custom mobile applications with the end-user in mind. By adhering to modern app design standards, we ensure your application is intuitive, easy-to-use and requires minimal training. When you work with Big Fish you get a custom designed app, branded to your company. We don’t use generic, outdated app templates.

IOS Development

We develop fast, secure native iOS apps. Each of our iOS developers has at least 5 years of professional software development experience. Make no mistake, this experience counts, a lot. Once version one is ready for the App Store we’ll take care of submitting it for review and ensuring it’s compliant with all the App Store guidelines.

Android Development

We develop secure, reliable Android apps. Depending on your needs and budget we offer both native, and cross-platform development. Our professional Android developers all have at least 5 years of software development experience. We are serious developers for serious companies.

App Maintenance

Once version one has launched you’ll need to keep it working without a glitch whenever the Android or iOS operating system gets an update or security patch. You should definitely monitor performance, and plan to add new features over time. Big Fish provides these services through a selection of maintenance plans.

At Big Fish, We Believe In...

1. The Power of Solving Problems

We take our clients' business problems and use magic to transform their product, services or operations. The solutions we create together help your company do what you do best, even better.

3. The Energy Created by Being Nice

It may be cliché with Canadian roots, but life is better when people are nice to one another. Genuine kindness leads to an atmosphere that builds trust and respect. After all, life is too short not to enjoy the people you work with.

2. Passionate Ownership of Our Work

The best mobile apps are created when everyone involved in the project owns and is passionate about its success. We care about our craft, and the clients we help. As a result, our team is empowered to speak up to ensure we deliver the ideal solution.

4. The Value of Experience

With the problems we solve, and the technology we work with, it’s critical that we have experience and a deep understanding of our craft. The expertise of our team allows us to trust one another and deliver on high expectations.