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Big Fish Announces Launch of Rapid Prototyping Service

Big Fish Announces Launch of Rapid Prototyping Service

Idea to clickable mobile app in three weeks


May 21, 2019 – Tampa, Fla. – Big Fish, an established app design and development studio specializing in creating mobile applications, is launching its latest service, Rapid Prototyping. This innovative service takes companies from their initial app idea to clickable prototype in just three weeks.

“Rapid Prototyping is a game-changer,” says Big Fish Founder and President, Sara MacQueen. “Beginning with a prototype provides our clients with a proof of concept before they invest in a single line of code. They can use the prototype to get advance sales and stakeholder buy-in, not to mention creating excitement about an app prior to its launch.”

The life-like app prototype has a number of advantages, including:

  • Proof of concept when approaching investors, or seeking buy-in from stakeholders
  • Pre-release demo to take to trade shows, creating excitement before launch
  • Pre-release demo to secure advance sales and contracts

The speed and ease of the Rapid Prototyping service gives Big Fish clients a competitive advantage – allowing them to go from concept to demo in a matter of weeks. “It’s one more way we help our clients be technology leaders in their industry,” says MacQueen.

About Big Fish

Founded in 2014 in Tampa Florida, Big Fish specializes in designing custom iOS applications for innovative healthcare companies. With over 30 years of combined experience designing and developing healthcare software, Big Fish is passionate about creating secure, reliable, human-centered software. Big Fish turns revolutionary ideas into reality.



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Team Big Fish

Team Big Fish

We turn revolutionary ideas into reality through custom software design and development! We specialize in designing custom mobile applications for innovative healthcare and field service companies. Start the conversation today if you'd like to hire our team.

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