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Miami Mobile App Developers

Miami Mobile App Developers

If you’re looking for a list of mobile app development companies in Miami, you’re in the right place!

We think it’s smart to explore your options before choosing an app development company to hire. You’ll feel more confident that you’ve made the right choice, and learn a few things about the app development process while you’re talking to app developers.

During our attempt to put together a list of Miami app development companies, we had a difficult time finding them! There are not very many.

With all the modern communication tools available today, and the fact that you won’t be going to your app developer’s office to sit with their team while they work, it may be worthwhile to extend your search outside of Miami and consider an app development company in Florida.

In any case, here are a few app development companies in Miami Florida and the surrounding areas.

App Development Companies in Miami


Chetu Software Solutions Miami1. Chetu – Sunrise, Florida

Chetu is headquartered near Miami Florida and has offices across the USA and in India, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. They offer a very broach range of technology services, among them is application development. Chetu is a large company with over 2000 employees around the world according to their LinkedIn profile.


Kogi Mobile - Miami Mobile App Developer2. Kogi Mobile – Miami, Florida

Kogi Mobile is an app developer in Miami whose development resources appear to all be located in the country of Colombia. They offer iOS, Android, backend development and web app development services.


Mercury Development Miami3. Mercury Development

Mercury Development is a custom software development company that provides custom app development. Their Florida office location is actually a UPS Store. According to their LinkedIn profile they have almost 200 employees spread around the world – especially in Russia. They’ve worked with some big clients, such as fitbit, Symantec, DOW and Grainger.


Zakkour Technology Group Miami

4. Zakkour Technology Group – Miami, Florida

Zakkour is located in the Brickell business district of Miami. According to their website they provide a variety of services in addition to mobile app development, including web development, SEO, graphic design and digital marketing. It’s always curious to us when a small company professes to provide so many services across a wide range of specialties, so please do your due diligence.

If you’re open to hiring an app development company in another Florida city, Big Fish is located in Tampa. We specialize in designing and developing custom iOS and Android applications, and work with companies all over the United States, including Miami.


Team Big Fish

Team Big Fish

We turn revolutionary ideas into reality through custom software design and development! We specialize in designing custom mobile applications for innovative healthcare and field service companies. Start the conversation today if you'd like to hire our team.

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