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Mobile App Development Atlanta

Mobile App Development Atlanta

If your company is shopping for mobile app development in Atlanta, you will appreciate this list of app developers in Atlanta.

We understand the value of doing research when you need app development services. What you learn by talking to different companies can be very helpful. This is an important decision and you’ll want to feel comfortable with the app development company you do hire.

We recommend taking some time to browse their websites, read any case studies or customer reviews, see if they have a blog or resource section that provides more information about how they do things and what their values are. Then, if you find an app developer in Atlanta that you’d like to talk to more, reach out.

Here is information about seven mobile app development companies in Atlanta.

Mobile App Development Companies in Atlanta, GA

1. AppZoro

AppZoro - Atlanta App Development CompanyAppZoro is a mobile app development firm that can help you develop and maintain your mobile application in the Atlanta area. They develop iOS, Android, IOT and web apps. Visit their website to book a no-charge 30 minute consultation.

2. Big Nerd Ranch

Big Nerd Ranch - Atlanta Mobile App DevelopmentBig Nerd Ranch designs and builds mobile apps. They are also well-known for the courses and books they author, teaching app development. You’ll find them on Arizona Avenue, just east of downtown Atlanta.

3. Digital Scientists

Digital Scientists - Mobile App Development AtlantaDigital Scientists is a software innovation lab based in greater Atlanta. They design and develop mobile apps, websites, e-commerce stores and Internet of Things (IOT) products. They have offices in Atlanta, Alpharetta and Greenville, SC.

4. Plutonium Apps

Plutonium Apps - Atlanta Mobile App CompanyThis Atlanta-based app development company specializes in iOS and Android development. According to their website they offer flat cost pricing. Plutonium is a startup team from Georgia Tech and they appear to specialize in helping other startups bring their mobile app to life.

5. Possible Mobile

Possible Mobile - Atlanta Mobile App DevelopmentPossible Mobile, in Atlanta, specializes in mobile application development. They’ve worked with some top brands and appear to be a solid company to consider if you need a partner to bring your mobile application to life.

6. SolutionBuilt

Solution Built - Atlanta Mobile App Developer SolutionBuilt is a website and mobile app development company in Atlanta. They provide Android and iOS design and development services. They also design and develop websites, and manage SEO campaigns. Their mobile app portfolio isn’t as impressive as some of the others on the list.

7. stable|kernel

stable|kernel - Mobile App Development Atlantastable|kernel specializes in mobile app development, unlike many other companies in Atlanta that also do marketing and website design. They have an up-to-date website and are definitely worth checking out if you need an app developer in Atlanta.
If the developer you hire doesn’t need to be in Atlanta, we are an app design and development company with offices in Florida and North Carolina. View our work and if you’re interested in hiring our team, drop us a line today.
Team Big Fish

Team Big Fish

We turn revolutionary ideas into reality through custom software design and development! We specialize in designing custom mobile applications for innovative healthcare and field service companies. Start the conversation today if you'd like to hire our team.

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