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WASTE AWAY Puts Resident Managers at Ease With New Mobile App

WASTE AWAY Puts Resident Managers at Ease With New Mobile App

Leader in doorstep trash removal creates transparency with real-time reporting.


TAMPA, FLORIDA – June 25, 2019 Now that Tampa-based WASTE AWAY® has a new custom mobile app that solves the two biggest concerns surrounding doorstep trash collection and recycling, resident managers in apartment and student-housing communities are resting easier, knowing the job is being done right.

“Managers of large residential complexes know that providing doorstep trash and recycling pickup is a top-rated amenity for prospective tenants,” explained WASTE AWAY CEO, Ron Walser. “But until now, resident managers had a hard time being sure that the job – which is done at night – was being done as contracted. Plus, when a tenant violated disposal rules, there was no way for management to prove their case. This app makes both of those concerns disappear, and resident managers are ecstatic.”

The service reps collect the trash and recycling, and take photos and notes of violations. The app generates a report that tells the resident manager the name of the rep, when they arrived and when they completed their tasks. It also sends time-stamped violation reports that include photos and descriptions of the violations, so tenants have no basis to dispute them. Violation reports are sent in real time in PDF format to resident managers, enabling them to deliver the report to the tenant.

The app, designed and developed for WASTE AWAY by established Tampa app development company Big Fish, lives on the service reps’ smartphones. Big Fish designed the app, which is used at night, with a dark background to optimize readability for the service reps.

“Transparency, communication and accountability are very important to us, and this app delivers on all three,” Walser added. The app is being rolled out to all 225 service reps working in the 300+ communities served by WASTE AWAY in 22 states.


Founded by CEO Ron Walser in 2004, WASTE AWAY is America’s leading waste solution for multi-family communities. A member of the National Apartment Association, WASTE AWAY services thousands of multi-family units every day. The Tampa-based company’s goals are to enhance client marketability and company appeal by providing the top-rated apartment amenity, doorstep trash removal and recycling. Learn more about WASTE AWAY at

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Team Big Fish

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