Big Fish is an app design company in Tampa, Florida. We design custom mobile applications that are intuitive, easy-to-use and require minimal training.

Every app we create is custom-designed with your users in mind. We do not use generic app design templates. Furthermore, when you use our app design services you’re hiring a team who specializes in app design, and adheres to Android and iOS design requirements.

Once your app design project is complete, we can use the screen designs to create a clickable prototype, or move straight into iOS app development or Android app development.


How Our App Design Process Works

Step One: Black and White App Design

We start by designing wireframes.

Wireframes are black and white sketches of what the various screens in your app will look like. Starting with black and white designs helps everyone’s focus stay on functionality and usability, without getting distracted by things like color preferences.

By starting with black and white sketches we also save time when making changes, and can quickly move through different options. Your team will be involved in this process, providing feedback and reviewing the designs before anything is ever considered final.

Here are some example app wireframes designed by our team:

Sample Wireframes - by Big Fish


Sample Wireframes - by Big Fish

Step Two: Full Color App Design

Next, we take those black and white wireframe designs and add color, detail and branding. If your company already has brand guidelines we’ll adhere to them when designing your app. If you do not, our app designer will create a design theme for your app.

This is a collaborative process. We’ll be asking for your feedback, and your team will have the opportunity to request modifications to your app designs before approving them as done.

Our app designer then creates high-resolution versions of each unique screen in your app. At this point your app design is ready to either move to development, or we can create a clickable prototype.

Here is what those app wireframes could look like in full color:

Sample Full Color App Design - by Big Fish


Sample Full Color App Design - by Big Fish


Hire Us to Design Your App

Does your company need app design services? If so, please reach out to request a consultation with our team. We’ll discuss the app you need designed, explain our unique process and answer your most important questions.