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Big Fish is Rebranding

Next month Big Fish celebrates the 3 year anniversary of opening our office in Tampa, Florida.

But, our history doesn’t entirely begin there. Big Fish was first founded in New Brunswick, Canada in 2010.

Our move to Tampa represented not just a geographical change, we evolved a lot as well.

We’ve honed our mission and values, pared away some of our services in order to specialize in mobile development, and found our sweet spot helping companies create mobile applications that transform the way they do business.

Big Fish has evolved, but our branding stayed the same. Late last year I knew our look had become disconnected from who we are now.

So in January, we hired The Symphony Agency in St. Petersburg to take us through their Brand and Vision Workshop.

As a result, we got real clear on the themes that represent the (true) Big Fish brand to our customers and our team.

We Are:

  • Inventive (Adj. – Showing creativity or original thought, having the ability to create or design new things)
  • Dependable (Adj. – Trustworthy and reliable)
  • Practical (Adj. – Of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something)
  • Genuine (Adj. – Truly what something is said to be; authentic and sincere)
  • Crafted (Verb – Exercise skill in making something)

Big Fish App Development Studio - logo

We Are Not:

  • Laid Back
  • Corporate
  • Mass Market
  • Wide-Eyed

When Lauren Davenport, CEO at Symphony Agency, then put our (current) logo up on the big screen – with its bright green and smiling fish – it was clear what needed to happen next.

I LOVE that logo (as do so many of you). It has been with us since the beginning. But, it doesn’t fit who we are now. In fact, when looking at them side-by-side, it kinda fits some of the adjectives in the We Are Not list.

Everyone in the room agreed. The Big Fish logo needed a refresh.

And it received one.

But our new look is not complete yet.

We’ve been hard at work since then, redesigning the Big Fish website. Early this summer we’ll reveal the outcome and our new look.

Here’s to Purposeful Change. Stay tuned!

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Sara @ Big Fish

Sara @ Big Fish

Sara MacQueen is the Founder and President of Big Fish - a custom software design and development studio in Tampa Florida and Raleigh North Carolina. She was named one of "25 Mobile Women to Watch" and has been interviewed by local and national media for her expertise in mobile technology and business.