Top Smartphone Brands and Platforms in the USA, 2016

comScore has released its annual research report detailing the cross-platform habits of digital users. This includes mobile, social, TV and desktop/laptop use.

For those who are curious specifically about the most popular smartphone brands (Apple vs. all others), and platforms (iOS vs. Android vs. Microsoft) I’ve broken out the key findings in this blog post for you.

At the end I’ve included a link to download the full report from comScore.


I. Percent of Mobile Phone Users Who Own a Smartphone

“U.S. smartphone penetration is now approaching 80% and finally showing signs of slowing growth as the market nears saturation.” – comScore

Percent of Mobile Phone Users Who Own a Smartphone

II. U.S. Smartphone Use by Operating System

The distribution of smartphone users across operating systems has been relatively stable over the last three years.

U.S. Smartphone Use by Operating System

Android continues to dominate at 53%, with Apple following 10 points behind with 43% of the market share. Of course we know that this is partly explained by the fact that the Android operating system is found on many different brands of smartphones, whereas iOS is found only on Apple devices.

In case you’re wondering…Microsoft (Windows Phone) is sitting at less than 5% market share and BlackBerry is next up at less than 2%.

III. U.S. Smartphone Use by Brand

When we look at the distribution of smartphone brands we see things from a different angle. Here Apple dominates at 43% of the smartphone market. Samsung trails behind at 23% of the smartphone market and all others lumped together hold 29% of the smartphone market.

These numbers haven’t really changed much during the last two years.

IV. Large Screen Vs. Small Screen Smartphones

[qodef_blockquote text=””Large screen smartphones have been quickly gaining in popularity and overtook small screen smartphone ownership in April 2015.” – comScore” title_tag=”h5″ width=””]

Tablet ownership has plateaued in the last year.

Large Screen vs Small Screen


If you’d like to read the full comScore report you can download it here. It’s a quick read, very interesting and worth checking out.

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