How Much Does a Mobile App Cost?

How Much Does a Mobile App Cost

How Much Does a Mobile App Cost?

Hiring the Big Fish team to develop your mobile app can cost anywhere from $15,000 to a few hundred thousand dollars.

Variables that influence the cost include:

  • Are you hiring us to develop an app, or a full-featured software system, including apps, web application, admin portal, custom web service and so on?
  • What platforms need to be supported (iOS? Android? Both? Others?)
  • Will the user interface be pretty standard, or highly customized and elaborate?
  • Are you starting with an MVP, or building out a full-featured software suite?
  • What is the use case for your app….who will be using it? to do what?

Another variable that influences the cost, is your budget.

If your company’s vision is big, but your budget is smaller, we can discuss ways to keep the costs more aligned with what you’ve been approved to spend. This includes:

  • Starting with an MVP
  • Developing version one for a single platform (ex. iOS only)
  • Postponing less critical features until version two
  • …or you can request a bigger budget 🙂

These are discussions we have during the initial strategic planning and design phase of your project. This process takes two to four weeks, depending on the complexity of the software we are designing. And yes, there’s a fee for our time and expertise.

But, let’s not move too fast. Before deciding to work together, we offer a complimentary consultation to established companies, as a first step to get to know each other.

In some cases, the project is predictable enough that we can provide a rough cost range or starting point during that initial consult. Your budget should never be built around that cost range, as it’s based on very limited information. It is, however, a good benchmark to determine if the project is even feasible for your company.

After getting to know each other, and discussing your project, budget and timeline – we will move to the design phase only if we feel it’s a good (and mutual) fit.

During the design phase we create the blueprint for your software. It’s then (once we know the details of what we are building) that we can provide a proper quote and timeline to build it.

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