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About Big Fish

Big Fish is a full-service app design and development company in Tampa Florida. We address the growing need for custom mobile applications in industries whose workforce is primarily “in the field”.

Companies hire us when a one-size-fits-all software solution won’t meet their needs. After all, innovation doesn’t happen with the generic or mass-market. You want to be a technology leader in your industry and you want the dollars you invest to give you a strong return. We will help you get there!

From idea to design, to launch and beyond, our experienced team of app designers and engineers has your back. We believe the best apps solve problems and have real-world impact for the companies and people who use them. If you’d like to get started, or just ask us some questions, please request a consultation today.

We help:
Field service teams view and update work orders while on the go
Logistics companies track their fleet and monitor the flow of goods
Your in-office dispatch communicate with field teams in real-time
Mobile employees view accounts, collect data and save it to the cloud instantly

We've Helped Our Clients

Communicate in Real-Time

A field service company, with employees who travel to job sites in their territory, hires Big Fish to design an iPad app that will enable their teams to complete work orders digitally and communicate in real-time.

Case Study

Be a Leader in Their Industry

A utility site location company, specializing in protecting underground facilities from damage during construction and excavation work, uses a mobile app in the field to give their customers real-time access to detailed project information.

Case Study

Automate Data Collection in the Field

An electric utility company serving businesses, homes, schools, farms, and other establishments in a territory spanning more than 2000 square miles, uses an Android app in-the-field to gather critical information for their installation team.

Case Study

Mobilize Legacy Software

Funeral Directors and other funeral home employees now enjoy the freedom that comes from knowing they can have instant access to missed calls, messages, funeral service details and schedules, while on-the-go.

Case Study

What Our Clients Say

  • “Our work progress increased 45% after implementing the mobile app that Big Fish created for us. Imagine if you found the perfect fitting shoe. Now imagine if those shoes made you run TEN TIMES faster. That’s my experience with Big Fish and we are overwhelmingly happy with all they have done!”

    PinPoint Underground

    Laurence Johnson
  • “Divert Nova Scotia contracted Big Fish to create a mobile app for a province-wide network of Enviro-Depots. The work was completed on time and on budget. My experience with Big Fish was fantastic. They are professional, creative, focused and fun to work with. I have no hesitation recommending Big Fish as a mobile app developer.”

    Divert Nova Scotia

    Carolyn Pierce
  • “You did a great job. Obviously very knowledgeable about apps and the platforms. Easy to work with, and I appreciate all the guidance you provided me.”

    Stericycle Communication Solutions

    Dave Hill

Start With a Conversation

Every mobile app we develop starts with a conversation. If you’re with an established company, please reach out to request a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’ll provide input and answer your most important questions.

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