What to Expect During An Initial Consultation With Big Fish About Your Mobile App

Big Fish is a mobile app development company in Tampa Florida. Businesses that need custom mobile development, but don’t have iOS or Android developers in house, hire our team.

We understand that you have questions, a buying process, and want to get to know us and how we do things. We want to get to know you, and your project, too. That’s why we provide a no charge initial consultation to companies that are interested in hiring us.

It gives your leadership a chance to learn more about how we do things, and ask your most important questions. And, it gives us a chance to learn more about your project and see if it’s a good mutual fit. After the initial consultation you’ll have a better idea of whether your project is feasible and a rough idea of what it will cost.

If your company is exploring, or has decided to have a custom mobile app developed, please use our website to request an initial consultation. But first, keep reading to find out what you can expect.

How to Request a Consultation

First, a project lead on your team will fill out our short contact form to request a consultation.

Out of respect for our time and yours, we have a few prescreening questions to ensure:

  • This is a serious project for an established company
  • You have an appropriate expectation of the costs of custom software development
  • This sounds like a project we would be proud to be part of

If these are all a “yes”, we will email or call to schedule a no-obligation consultation with your project lead.

Who Should Participate

It’s important for us to be able to speak about your goals, current pain points and big ideas that you have for this application. To be efficient and effective with our time we require that the person we talk to has a lead role on the project, and is not “information gathering” for someone else.

If you prefer to information gather first, please read our blog. Every week we answer frequently asked questions about buying custom mobile app development.

What Happens During Your Consultation

The free consultation includes:

  • One hour conference call with a Big Fish Project Manager
  • Deep dive into the problem(s) you need to solve, or opportunity this project will create
  • Feedback and high level discussion about potential features
  • Overview of our process and how we do things
  • Rough cost and time estimate (this will be a range, such as $30K-$50K, $100K-$150K, less than $30K, etc.)

As part of this free consultation we do not provide written project plans (ex. feature lists, road maps, designs) or technical instruction.

What’s Next

Most of the time there will be additional meeting(s) with your team, to answer questions that we didn’t get to on the first call. Shoot us an email any time during your decision-making journey if you have additional questions.

The next step is to schedule Discovery and Strategic Planning for your project. When your leadership team is ready we’ll review and sign our scope of work agreement, schedule the Discovery Day meeting and take payment to hold your spot in our schedule.

> Request a Consultation Here

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Team Big Fish

Team Big Fish

Big Fish is a full service app design and development company in Tampa, Florida. We help innovative companies create technology that sets themselves a part in their industry. Please visit our Get Started page if you’d like more information about working with our team!
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