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Big Fish is an iOS app design agency with a 100% USA-based team. We design iOS apps that are intuitive, easy-to-use and beautiful.

Every iOS app we create is custom designed by an experienced UI/UX Designer.

We do not use generic app design templates. Furthermore, when you use our app design services, you’re hiring a team that specializes in app design, and adheres to Apple’s iOS design guidelines.

Our app design workflow, which we’ll dive into below, includes user experience design, creating a style guide, wireframes, user feedback, high-fidelity app mockups and mobile app prototyping.


Our iOS App Design Process

Design is the second phase of our 4-step process to bring great software to life.

The Big Fish Software Design & Development Process

If you’ve already worked with us for the first phase (Strategy), the app design phase will take less time because most of the foundational details are already ironed out.

Step 1: App Design Project Kick-Off

Before we begin your iOS app design project, we’ll ask you to send us some preliminary information, including your logo, brand guidelines and any product specifications you may already have.

We’ll then schedule the kick-off meeting with your team. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the user goals and business goals for the app, establish what the user-experience should be, flesh out the needed functionality and uncover new opportunities that you haven’t considered yet.

Before we start designing your iOS app, we’ll also ask your team for examples of apps you like, and why. We’ll use these as inspiration, so we have a sense of the vibe and overall feel you’re wanting.

Step 2: Create Your iOS App Style Guide

Guided by your existing brand assets (ex. logo, brand guidelines) and the preferences we uncovered during our kick-off meeting; our UI/UX Designer will create two different style guide options for your iOS app.

A style guide is a set of design standards for your app. It may include: a color palette, typography, icons, illustrations and button styles.

Style Guide Example for an App

Example Style Guide for an App
Starting with a style guide ensures your app is visually harmonious and consistent. It also helps get everyone on the same page regarding the look and feel of your app.

After we present the style guide options to your team, you’ll pick one to move forward with. Our standard app design service includes one round of revisions to the chosen style guide.

Step 3: Design Low-Fidelity Wireframes

Wireframes is the name given to the low-fidelity black and white version of your iOS app mockups. At Big Fish our iOS app designer will start sketching by hand to quickly iterate through concepts, and then move to digital wireframes in Figma.

Example iOS App Design Wireframes

Example iOS App Design Wireframes


Starting with black and white designs ensures the focus stays on the functionality and usability of your iOS app. If details such as images, icons and colors, are introduced too early in the process, it is distracting. Focus diverts away from the flow and functionality of the app, and into the nitty gritty details of color and image choices.

Starting your app design with low-fidelity mockups also saves time because we can more quickly move through design options and make changes. Making changes to the structure and layout is more time-consuming once a lot of detail has been added.

When your first set of wireframes for the iOS app are complete, we’ll present them to your team. You’ll have a chance to provide feedback and request revisions.

Step 4: High-Fidelity iOS App Design

Once your wireframes are finalized, we use the style guide we created and your brand guidelines to create your high-fidelity app designs. At this stage the flow and layout of your iOS app have been determined, so changes will be focused on color, content, icons, images, that sort of thing.

Once the full color, high-fidelity designs of your iOS app are ready we’ll show them to your team. Now the app design is really coming to life! You’ll again have a chance to provide feedback and request revisions.

Example High-Fidelity iOS App Mockups

Example High-Fidelity iOS App Mockups


Once we action any revision requests, we’ll finalize the designs so we can create a clickable prototype for you.

Our clients have used their iOS app prototype for investor and trade show demos, to show the product to potential customers and get early buy-in, and to solicit user and stakeholder feedback.

After designing your iOS app, we can move straight into mobile app development if that’s the path you chose to take.

Or, some of our clients need our iOS design expertise, but have an in-house team of developers to build the app. Others choose to have Big Fish develop version one of their iOS app, then transfer to their internal development teams for ongoing maintenance.

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