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Custom Software Design and Prototyping Service

Big Fish is a Boutique Mobile App Design Company

We are expert software designers that specialize in designing custom iOS and Android applications for our clients.

If you need a proof of concept prototype, custom software designed from scratch or ongoing UI/UX design support, we would love to help.

Keep reading to learn more about our mobile app design company and the services we provide!


Our Software Design Services

If your company needs software design services, there are two ways to work with us.

1. Mobile App Design Project

This service is a great fit for companies that may have staff or outsourced developers, but do not have an experienced UI/UX Designer. Or, companies that have design talent, but need additional expertise for a new product and can’t take your core team off in-progress work.

We will start with a project kick-off to learn about the goals for the app and determine the most important functionality. Our UI/UX Designer will then create the wireframes.

Once the wireframes are approved, we design the high-fidelity app mockups and style guide for your developers. This is an exciting and collaborative process between your team and ours. When done, the app designs are ready to pass to mobile app developers to bring to life.

Benefits of Hiring Big Fish

  1. Our team specializes in user experience and user interface design, this results in software that is delightful to use AND beautiful.
  2. Quickly scale up your software design resources for a new project without the burden of recruiting and hiring temporary employees.
  3. Our established process ensures the project gets done well, on time and on budget with less work for you.


  1. Feature list written as user stories
  2. Mood board
  3. Wireframes
  4. High-fidelity app mockups


Ready to Dive In?

Read more about our UI and UX Design Services or inquire about hiring our team today!


2. Ongoing Software Design Support

Ongoing software design support is a great fit if your company has a development team that is regularly updating your software, but you do not have a UI/UX Designer. Or, the designer you have is already swamped with projects.

You would benefit from having an experienced user interface designer available to your team but probably don’t need this person on staff full time or long term. We can help!

We’ll pair you with one of our experienced UI/UX Designers for a set number of hours each week.  You can use these hours as-needed to augment your in-house team, or act as your lead software designer if you don’t have an in-house team.

Benefits of augmenting your team with a Big Fish UI/UX designer

  1. We specialize in user experience and user interface design, this results in software that is delightful to use and beautiful.
  2. Work with one designer who will know your brand and company rather than a different designer each time.
  3. Enjoy the security, ease and accountability of working with a USA-based company and UI/UX designer.
  4. Pay only for productive time. You won’t be responsible for paying for time off, training, benefits and all the overhead that comes with a W2 employee.

Pricing starts at $1500 per week, please inquire for more information.


What Type of Software We Design

At Big Fish, our software designers have specific expertise in designing mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. We also design custom web applications for our clients.

The fact that we specialize in mobile application design, such as iOS app design, is an important differentiator. If your company is investing in an iOS or Android application, you don’t want it to look like a responsive website (or worse!).

Your iOS app should look and behave like it’s an iOS app – and we know what that is. Likewise, if you’re investing in Android app design, your app should look and behave like an Android app.

When you hire Big Fish you can be confident that your app design will remain true to the platform it’s designed for.

Why Hire Big Fish for Mobile App Design?

Why Hire Big Fish - Software Design CompanyThere are lots of ways to benefit from hiring our software design company.

  • Big Fish UI/UX Designers are all located in the United States. We speak your language AND you won’t have to worry about overseas privacy laws which may be very different from what you need and expect.
  • Big Fish app designers specialize in software design. We grasp the nuances of user interface and user experience design in ways that a graphic designer does not.
  • Quickly and easily scale up your software design resources for a new product launch, trade show or investor meeting.
  • We can handle that unplanned or urgent software design project so you don’t have to take in-house resources off your ongoing, day-to-day work.
  • You have a temporary project and want to avoid the time and hassle of recruiting, hiring and training for a short-term position.


Need App Design Services?

Start the Conversation to see if we’re a fit for your upcoming custom software design project. We can onboard new software design projects in as little as one week.


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